At the event "Creating the Roadmap: Envisioning/Reducing MIT's Carbon Footprint," the speakers answered questions from the audience, who then broke into small teams for a brainstorming session on how to reduce MIT's carbon footprint.
Photo: Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT

About MIT Climate Action

In October 2015, MIT’s Senior Officers released the Institute’s Plan for Action on Climate Change. This plan embodies the fundamental agreement across the MIT community that the problem of climate change, the subject of serious work at MIT for decades, demands society’s urgent attention, and that given the Institute’s mission, history and capabilities, MIT has a particular responsibility to lead. The goal of the plan is “to minimize emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other global warming agents into the atmosphere, and to devise pathways for adaptation to climate change, through the active involvement of the MIT community, proactively engaged with industry, government, academia, foundations, philanthropists and the public.”

Vice President for Research Maria Zuber provides general oversight of the plan's implementation, which involves many offices, programs, initiatives, and labs at MIT. She also chairs the Climate Action Advisory Committee (CAAC), which provides advice and recommendations to help ensure the plan’s success. You can find an overview of the CAAC here. Current members of the CAAC are listed below.

Climate Action Advisory Committee