Climate 102: The Nonlinear Climate System

| MIT Climate Change Blog
February 11, 2015

The MIT Climate Conversation is actively exploring new opportunities for teaching, conducting research, and continuing to stimulate the discussion on the important topic of climate change. The MIT Climate Conversation has launched its Spring 2015 Lecture Series on climate issues. For more information, please see our upcoming events page. We also invite you to check out the Climate Resources page on our website for a detailed list of reputable sources that provide detailed and comprehensive information on climate change and related topics.
This year, MIT offered its students and staff with a series of IAP courses that tackles the important topic of climate change. The courses were offered as part of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. Taught by MIT graduate students, the courses aimed to raise awareness and elucidate the conflicting information about climate change that we are bombarded with.
In Climate 102: The Nonlinear Climate System, MIT graduate students Daniel Gilford and Jared Holt discuss the structure and detection of climate change, and the metrics used to measure it. They also cover important topics related to the planet’s irreversible warming, including extreme weather extremes and other impacts. The course also tackles the challenges and benefits of climate and earth system modeling, and the uncertainties and current research trends. You can find a detailed presentation of the course here:
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