EVENT: Getting the Job Done: Creating a Roadmap to Reducing MIT’s Carbon Footprint

| MIT Climate Change Blog
February 9, 2015

March 12th, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm | Location: 3-270
Send questions for the panelists or input for the discussion to climatechange@mit.edu

The MIT Climate Change Conversation is pleased to be organizing its second event as part of its 2015 Spring Event Series.  The event, Getting the Job Done: Creating a Roadmap to Reducing MIT’s Carbon Footprint, will convene MIT students, faculty, staff, and senior administration to discuss current and potential strategies for measuring and creating a plan to reduce MIT’s contribution to climate change.

Some of the questions tackled include: What are the current scientific realities? How do we set and align our goals?  How should we prioritize projects & innovation potential?  How do we finance, incentivize, and make real progress – quickly and efficiently?

By examining our greenhouse gas footprint, this innovative event – a first for MIT - invites all contributors to help envision and shape our roadmap towards a lower-carbon institute.  

Julie Newman, the Director o MIT’s Office of Sustainability will moderate a panel assessing the context for decision making and opportunity at MIT. Israel Ruiz, MIT’s Executive Vice President and Treasurer, will be one of the panelists presenting on the current realities MIT is facing regarding current GHG emissions, plans for facilities & capital renewal, and the constraints and possibilities of envisioning climate change as a component of decision making at MIT. 

Prof. Henry (Jake) Jacoby, William F. Pounds Professor of Management Emeritus at the Sloan School of Management   and member of the MIT Climate Change Conversation, will present and lead a discussion on financing carbon reduction (carbon tax).

The event will include an interactive polling and Q&A elements to allow in-person and virtual participants to submit ideas, ask questions, and deeply engage with the topics and ideas as they unfold.  
Get ready for hands-on, brainstorming event!

Getting the Job Done: Creating a Roadmap to Reducing MIT’s Carbon Footprint
March 12th, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm | Location: 3-270