The MIT Climate Change Conversation Idea Bank Unveiled

Climate Change Conversation Committee | MIT Climate Change Blog
June 12, 2015

"By focusing widely different minds on the broad challenge of climate change, the campus-wide conversation will help us choose a path of action to drive real progress."
– President L. Rafael Reif

The Climate Change Conversation is grateful to the MIT community for its feedback and input throughout the academic year of bold new ideas for climate action at MIT. Through the Idea Bank, we were able to engage all members of the MIT community! This approach allowed us, as a community, to identify a broad spectrum of action items; estimate the effectiveness of each action in addressing the problem; and determine how our Institute can most effectively drive forward the national and global agendas on climate change.
We have considered actions at all levels: from new educational initiatives at MIT and via its edX megaphone, to new opportunities for research that capitalize and expand on MIT’s presence in the field, to improvements to campus infrastructure and operations aimed at reducing MIT’s own carbon footprint, to leveraging MIT’s visibility to drive more effective policy. We look forward to this Conversation as a catalyst for original ideas, debate, and sound analysis.
Through the link below you will find a detailed table with the complete list of ideas submitted, hyperlinked to their full entry on Idea Bank website