Should MIT Divest? A Debate on Fossil Fuel Investment

| MIT Climate Change Blog
March 26, 2015

Thursday April 9th, 2015 | 4:30pm - 6:00pmKresge Auditorium, MIT Campus
Reception with food to follow the event, all are welcome.
You can watch a live webcast of the event here.
In its fourth event this spring, the MIT Climate Change Conversation is inviting the MIT community to learn about different facets of divestment from fossil fuel companies and explore whether MIT should divest its endowment as part of its response to climate change.

Six prominent voices in the dialogue on climate change and energy will be staged as two teams that present PRO-divestment and AGAINST-divestment arguments in a classic debate format. The discussion will provide a nuanced view of the relevant issues being widely contested on university campuses, and in particular at MIT.  This is an unprecedented opportunity for the MIT community to hear diversity of expert perspectives, to have questions answered, and to deepen our understanding of the opportunities, drawbacks, and alternatives to fossil fuel divestment and of how universities can address global warming.

Moderator:Tony Cortese, Intentional Endowments Network

Debating for fossil fuel divestment:Naomi Oreskes, Professor of History of Science at Harvard University
Don Gould, Trustee Pitzer College & CIO Gould Asset Management
John Sterman, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
Debating against fossil fuel divestment:
Brad Hager, Professor, Director of the MIT Earth Resources Laboratory
Frank Wolak, Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Timothy Smith, Director of ESG Engagement, Walden Asset Management
This is an event for the MIT community. To participate: Email your questions for panelists prior to the event to, and bring a mobile device to participate virtually during the debate.  
If you are a member of the press or other entity interested in attending this event, please email